Earn a Certification in Instructional Design & eLearning in 2 Weeks


Recession-Proof | High Demand | Well-Respected | Lucrative Income

In only 2 weeks, earn a certificate in the highly sought-after and demanding field of Instructional Design and eLearning. Acquire the knowledge and skills to work in this multi-billion-dollar space. You too, can design and develop eLearning courses for corporations, businesses, organizations, universities, and more. 

Upload and Sell Your Amazing Courses

Do you have your online course ready to start selling? Regardless of whether you’re targeting hundreds or millions of students, our team of experts will upload your amazing online courses or digital products to our safe-secured cloud-based platform, and you can immediately start selling. Pay the affordable set-up and monthly hosting and keep 100% of your profits. We’ll upload your modules, videos, quizzes, set-up virtual classrooms, and more – it’s all part of crafting an unforgettable learning experience.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3, & 4

Provide your complete finalized online course files.

Our experts upload your course to our safe, secured hosting platform.

Give us the okay to unleash it to the public.

Promote, promote, promote, and make daily and nightly income.

Create Your Online School


Let our team of professionals work personally with you to create your own exclusively custom-branded learning portal where you can market and sell courses and digital products, integrate memberships or subscriptions, offer affiliate programs, and more. The best thing of all is you keep 100% of your profits!

Monetize Your Knowledge or Business With an Online eLearning Course


Join thousands of people who’ve already turned their knowledge or business into profitable online eLearning courses. A Sharper Learning Institute is a one-stop platform where our professionals will create your online eLearning course, and you can sell it on our course hosting platform or host and sell it on your own site. Our team of professionals take on the hard work so you can concentrate on marketing and growing your business. Your knowledge is an asset, and we’re here to help you capitalize on it. With our support and your expertise, we will assist you in making your course available to the world. Get started for only $99.

EASY as A, B, C

Complete our online form.

Schedule a FREE discovery session with our team of experts.

When we finish building your course and you're happy with the outcome, we'll upload it to our learning platform FREE of charge or package it for you to take to a hosting platform of your choice.

Don’t Have Time to Create Your Course?


We know your schedule is super busy, and you need an online eLearning course to start making money around the clock. The problem is, you don’t have the time to take a course on building your course, and you don’t want to spend a fortune hiring a course designer. We have the solution to this problem. Send us your request and one of our experts will respond within 24 business hours.

Looking to Take an Online Course? Learn from the Experts!


Our goal is to have a collection of reputable online courses available for you to learn at your own pace. All courses on are site are meticulously created by industry experts who are passionate about your success and achievements.

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