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In our program, individuals with no experience in the field can acquire both corporate and college knowledge to work in the high-demand and lucrative field of instructional design and eLearning. We coach our graduates on landing corporate instructional design roles where they can work from home generating income of $100K or more yearly. Our GOAL is to help all of our students reach yearly multiple six figure revenue. 

Students also learn techniques of andragogy (adult learning) taught at the college level and real-world application used at the corporate level. Individuals are trained to be elite instructional designers and experts in the field, owning the skills to analyze, design, and develop engaging and effective training or learning solutions. These skills can be used for ANY COMPANY, BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, or ORGANIZATION.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in this certification program?

This certification program is for anyone who enjoys helping others learn and succeed. If you are looking to break into a field that is in high-demand, recession proof, and yields a lucrative income, this course is for you, even if you don’t have a college degree in the field. If you are an entrepreneur or work for a company who needs to learn how to build eLearning and training for your employees or clients, this is an excellent course for you.

What qualifications do you need to be an Instructional Designer?

You DO NOT need any experience or background knowledge in instructional design or eLearning to become an instructional designer. There are no qualifications required to become an instructional designer. Most instructional designers do not have degrees in the field of Instructional Design. You can break into this field without a degree in the field and by completing an Instructional Design certification course like this one. We ask that you bring a positive attitude coupled with a willingness to learn, and basic computer skills and we will take it from there. 

What tools do I need to start the program?

We highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to experience the full benefits of the course. We don’t recommend using a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet.

What happens after I complete the certification program?

When you complete the online modules and pass the certification exam, you will receive a certificate of completion. We will advise on next steps depending on the direction you want to take. You may want full-time employment, work as a contractor, start building courses, etc. Whichever pathway you decide, we will support you along the way. We will critique your resume to target instructional design jobs and help you create a stunning portfolio to showcase your new skillset. We will prepare you to land a position as soon as you are ready to start applying, even if you haven’t worked as an instructional designer before.

What is an elite Instructional Designer?

An elite Instructional Designer is a person who is properly trained in the field of instructional design and eLearning to work with luxury brands and elite clients. Our training prepares all students who enroll to become elite Instructional Designers. This will set you apart from the competition. There is no extra charge for this service. 

Recommended Schedule to Complete the Certification Program

Invest in Yourself

This certification program is valued to have over $15K of tools and resources to provide you with the skills needed to immediately work in all industries and sectors as an Instructional Designer/eLearning Consultant. Why spend unnecessary money on expensive college tuition or student loans leading to further debt and countless hours in a controlled college setting when you can acquire the skills to keep you working in the field and get all the resources and support needed to thrive and be successful. 

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The Instructional Design & eLearning Made Simple and Easy © certification acquired through A Sharper Learning Institute, a private company, located in metro Atlanta, GA, is not a degreed or diploma program. A Sharper Learning Institute is not affiliated with any college, university, or institution of higher learning.The certification acquired through A Sharper Learning indicates the participant has completed all necessary training, passed the certification exam, and owns the skills to work as an Instructional Designer & eLearning consultant. The certification can be listed on ones resume and presented to prospective employers and clients, but does not guarantee employment, income, contractual work, or any other means of generating income. Individuals who enroll in the A Sharper Learning Institute Instructional Design & eLearning Certification program must aspire to achieve their own level of success. Results are based on each individual’s performance and personal and business aspirations and efforts. Because modules are available and accessible during the time of purchase, there are no refunds given for any of the membership packages, services, or digital products included on this site. Users are required to purchase at their own risk and will not hold A Sharper Learning Institute or its affiliates liable for refund of any services purchased through this site or wherever A Sharper Learning products or services are sold.

About the Instructor & Author

Mona Lisa Sharp

Mona Lisa is one of the few instructional designers and eLearning consultants with over 25 years of professional experience designing, developing, and implementing training solutions for national and global brands. She is a currently a chief learning officer and learning strategist. She has personally and professionally designed and developed thousands of eLearning courses and learning solutions.

Mona Lisa taught business education and computer technology courses at the university and corporate level. She’s worked extensively with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from around the globe, creating eLearning courses and learning solutions for some of the most recognizable and respected brands, including American Express, Delta Airlines, IBM, Coca-Cola, Newell-Rubbermaid, Kimberly-Clark, SunTrust Bank, Cox Automotive, Manheim, GE, Home Depot, State Farm, just to name a few.

Mona Lisa humbly brings her value, professionalism, and expertise to those desiring to add Instructional Design and eLearning to their skillset. Once you enroll in the Instructional Design & eLearning Made Simple and Easy © course, you will learn strategies to generate multiple six-figure income with a skillset that is needed by every industry.