Course Designer’s Superhero Toolkit

Are you an Instructional Designer, eLearning Consultant, Course Designer, teacher, educator, or just someone who needs to create an online course or training? if so, this toolkit is for you. As an Instructional Designer or course creator, sometimes you find yourself working on projects and the client does not have templates or the documents you need to design and develop training. Well worry no more. This toolkit contains all the pertinent templates you need to design and develop effective, engaging, and energizing eLearning or training.

This toolkit consists of the following:

  • Instructional Design Roadmap to follow for building engaging, effective, and enjoyable online eLearning courses
  • Project Information Worksheet
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Learner Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Course Outline
  • Detailed Design Document (DDD)
  • Quick Reference Guide Template
  • Job Aid Template

A description of each document/template is included. The templates are easy to follow and can be used repetitively for any company, industry, and organization. The templates are in Word or PowerPoint format and can be customized to include branding, logos, fonts, colors, etc. Use these templates as often as needed for all of your eLearning and training projects

Please note: Templates are available at the time of purchase; therefore, no refund is available once you pay for the order.